Since 2009, we have been leading the motorsports aftermarket industry in the production of quality, remanufactured OEM transmissions for racing.

Now, we are offering more than just transmissions.

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From Tranny to Rear... and Everything In Between!

Magnus Racing Products specializes in building racing transmissions, rear ends, and drivetrain components for racing and street applications. We have the knowledge, experience and the equipment to build and service the transmissions and rear ends in your race car, hot rod or custom car.

We strive to take great care of you from the clutch to rear end. We have also designed and patented our own transmission case savers, side cover supports, shifter keys and shifters to meet the demands of the nation’s top teams. 

In addition to the production of aftermarket transmissions and rear ends, we offer a wide array of customized accessories and drivetrain components for your motorsports application, such as shifter brackets, linkage kits and individual components.

If it relates to drivetrain, Magnus has your answer. Call us today!

We truly look forward to working with racers and cannot wait to see you shift into Victory Lane!
— Michael Sangermano, Owner, Magnus Racing Products